Let's face it: we're going to be dealing with the Covid-19 Virus way past this year. Even with a vaccine or treatments: you want to take a chance with you, your spouse/partner or family? No, you don't. And neither do I. As a resident of one of the United States with the lowest number of infections, mortalities & right now, we have one (1) person being treated for the Virus. Yet, for the past three months, with certain prep & rules, the Real Estate business has gone on. And just recently, via this link, the Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, published the official tally for Vermont. Exceptional, but not perfect. However, if you're looking to purchase in the lower four counties of Vermont, near ski areas too, you're in the 'sweet spot' of the state for lack of cases. One bright spot and reason to work with me if you're thinking about your 'Ski/Vacay/Lake' home in Vermont.